Jaguar boycotts NAIAS in favor of New Delhi Auto Show

Jaguar Land Rover has announced that they will not be displaying any of their new models at the Detroit Auto Show to be held in January next year. This announcement was made as the dates of the Delhi Auto show clash with the North American International Auto Expo. Many of the attendees are a bit disappointed after this press release as they were looking forward to see some new Jaguar models at the Cobo Hall. However the Tata owned Jaguar and Land Rover will be present at the New Delhi Auto Expo showcasing their goods.

JLR’s VP of Public Affairs, Stuart Schorr made a statement that they have been showcasing their latest concept cars at the Frankfurt Motor Show and the yet-to-happen LA Auto Show for this year. They unfortunately do not have new automobiles to unveil at the Detroit Show. So, they decided that next year they will feature their products at the Delhi Show in a bid to expand their international markets.

It is clear that leading automobile manufacturers are acknowledging the growth of the Indian auto market and wish to expand their market share in the emerging sub-continent auto markets. Tata Motors had purchased the Jaguar Land Rover brand in 2008 from Ford and that could be another motivating factor for their desire to attend the New Delhi Auto Show.

Jaguar has also not commented on whether they will be attending North American International Auto shows in the future. It is speculated that they will showcase the DC100 concept model at the Indian Auto Show next year.


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