Bentley Plans for More SUVs and All-New Continental Is Next in Queue

Bentley is actively planning about numerous brand-new designs with the firm’s engineering director, Rolf Frech, confessing that another SUV vehicle would be an “obvious direction” for the brand name to take following on from the early purchases success of the Bentayga.

Frech continued to be naturally tight-lipped on the specific information of Bentley’s future design technique, he confessed that the brand is looking to broaden on numerous various fronts, verification of remarks just recently made by Bentley CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer that Bentley eventually will produce 7 various models.

He verified that the next-generation Continental will precede, with advancement well on its method for a launch in– we believe– 2018. It was offered a heavy mid-life transformation for 2011 (and once again for 2016), much of the existing Conti GT (and its cabriolet and Flying Spur sis) dates back to 2003. Frech verifies that the brand-new vehicle will continue to be provided with both V-8 and W-12 engines.

He likewise confirmed that the reasoning of the luxury-car market tells Bentley needs to seriously think about another SUV together with the Bentayga, potentially a more pricey one. “We have actually not discovered the limitation and we are looking where the limitation is,” Frech stated. “When we contained it, we will press it. The Bentayga is possibly the very first design we are presenting, however you can be sure we are trying to find space. If there is need then we wish to have the ability to satisfy it.”

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