Koenigsegg Shall Bring Out Four-Door Model

Images of Koenigsegg Regera

Some days ago, there were reports that Bugatti is planning about a four-door sedan. Let’s really hope so, due to the fact that competing Koenigsegg is likewise considering a four-door offering, according to a file from Leading Gear.

Together with a four-door sedan, Koenigsegg might likewise present an all-electric vehicle in the long-lasting. Or the automaker might stick to a hybridized setup. As per von Koenigsegg, “it actually depends upon exactly what’s the most interesting at the time”.

Koenigsegg just presented the production variation of the Regera supercar at the Geneva automobile show. Boasting 1,500 hp from its plug-in hybrid system, it takes on the brand-new Bugatti Chiron, which likewise bowed in Geneva.

While Koenigsegg appears to be formulating a lot of originalities, it will never ever present an SUV. Koenigsegg’s carbon chassis might be extended to accommodate an SUV, von Koenigsegg just does not desire one.

“I’m simply not a fan of SUVs,” he stated. “To me they are essentially flawed.” Remarkably, Bugatti chief Wolfgang Drheimer has likewise apparently turned down the possibility of a future Bugatti SUV.

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