Canadian ‘thief’ steals car before but returns it with full tank of petrol

Halifax images

When a car is stolen, the owner is obviously unhappy with what happened. In some unusual cases, the car may be discovered but it will certainly have some wear and tear. The owners who get their car back in its original state are extremely rare. But recently, when a Canadian woman’s car was stolen she not only recovered it within a few hours day but also received a ‘reimbursement’.

The incident is now being referred as ‘The most Canadian car-thief story of all time’.

The car was given back to the owner by the supposed thief with a full tank of petrol.

On December 9, in Halifax, a woman had called the Police to report her vehicle had been stolen from a parking space of a shopping complex.

But following a thorough investigation by the police, it was revealed that the ‘thief’ who had mistakenly taken the car because his car was identical to the woman’s car.

Once he realized he had taken someone’s else’s car, he drove it to a petrol station and filled up the tank before giving the car back to its owner.

“Although it doesn’t seem either vehicle was left running, it serves as a reminder that vehicle thefts do occur during the winter months when vehicles are left running and unattended,” Canadian police stated.

Police spokesperson Cpl Dal Hutchinson informed Toronto Star such cases are rare and the man had accepted his mistake.

“I jumped in, turned quickly and looked—and the woman sitting in the passenger side wasn’t my wife. My wife was in the next vehicle watching this, laughing,” said Hutchinson.

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