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Car Care – An All Year Round Job

Car care – it’s your responsibility as a car owner. From wiping down mirrors to cleaning junk out the trunk – there’s a lot that you can do to keep your car in shape at all times – especially so if your car is your life.

The thing is that caring for your car never truly stops. From the deep snows of winter to the open roads and sun of summer, car car is something that needs be done all year round, no matter the weather. And of course, the conditions need to be taken into account when caring for a car.

The basic car checks that work all year round go namely for the brakes, oil, and tires. Not only are these possible three of the easiest areas to notice signs of wear, dirt, and tear – but they are also essential to the running of the car all year long.

With a dipstick, you can check oil levels and dirt on a weekly basis. Let yourself get to grips with how to change oil and be sure to educate yourself about the type of oil that is suitable for your car. If your car needs an oil change more than seems possible, it might be a sign that something is up in the engine – so get it checked out. Oil is so important as it lubricates the inner workings of the engine and allows it to create the combustion that runs the car. Dirty oil creates friction lowering the lubrication qualities of the oil and can greatly affect the performance of the engine – even leaving to failure and fire. It’s worth changing the oil all year round.

Every season creates an opportunity for a car to become damaged – the hailstones of winter and the grit and dust of summer can slam against the frame of your car or even the windshield. Try your best to keep your car covered or even stored indoors during periods when you won’t be driving it around. Summer also brings a lot of bird species back to the country so be sure to clean your car of any corrosive bird droppings that eat away the car’s exterior. There’s always the chance for gravel or rocks to hit your windscreen which can on the odd occasion cause massive damage so make sure any damage to the screen or mirrors of your car is repaired or fixed before a major problem occurs thanks to external damage.

Absolutely essential in especially the summer and winter months is coolant. These checks should be done on a weekly basis to ensure that your coolant isn’t under the minimum level for operation in the vehicle. The big issue that lies in water is that more will be needed in the summer as the engine prones to heat up more due to the presence of higher external temperatures. In the winter, the anti-freeze needs to be topped up to ensure that water used for running the engine doesn’t freeze over.

Tires need to be checked for wear all year long, but the seasons can take their toll on them. In the winter, tires will struggle to grip on ice and snow. You might consider changing them out during the colder months to a snow set, so check out some reviews of the best snow tires for winter in case you are thinking about changing them. Also, due to the heat in Summer, tires can deflate easier and are prone to burst – especially on long journeys which see the wheels heat up at higher speeds. This is an extreme case, but you do need to ensure that the summer doesn’t wreck your wheels as this will destroy your ability to handle the car. Tires are serious and any wear on them can create havoc. Take care of them!

Other issues to check for in the seasons are air conditioning – especially in the summer when heat can destroy internal components. You need to be comfortable when your drive so ensure your air conditioner is working for those hot summer days. This also goes for winter for when you need your air conditioners or heater to blow hot air for comfort. Both weather extremes are dangerous, but extreme cold can be killer – especially if you break down.

No matter the season, it is always a suitable time to take the time to check your car for faults or issues that need resolving or fixing. And as always, be proactive and take a little care with your car.

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