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car stolen at Costco gas station in New Orleans

Car is stolen at New Orleans gas station while driver pumps gas

In a busy gas station in New Orleans, a car thief drove off in one woman’s car while she was pumping gas.

New Orleans police are still attempting to identify the man who stole that vehicle. The incident occurred at the Costco gas station, according to the report from NOPD.

NOPD claims, auto thefts take place frequently at gas stations. They offered tips to protect oneself from such incidents.

No suspects have been identified as of yet. Anyone with more details on this incident is asked to contact NOPD Second District detectives at 504-658-6020.

“Carjacking is a crime of opportunity,” said former NOPD officer, Chief Reginald Rowe who also owns a security company called Seal Security. “People have a habit of leaving their vehicles running or the keys on the seat with the doors unlocked.”

Push to start cars may lead people to leave their keys in their purse or cup holder. Rowe suggests people should always keeping their keys with them.

“Keep it in your pocket or keep your keys in your hand,” he said. “Now I will tell you think – if it’s your life or your vehicle, give the vehicle up.”

He also said it is important to stay aware of your surroundings.

“When you’re at the gas station, stay off your phone. You think ‘I have some downtime. I’ll look through Facebook, Instagram while I’m sitting here.’ Well, guess what, if you’re not paying attention to your surroundings, you’re the person the carjacker is looking for.”

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