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Omaha, Nebraska crash

Two dead, one in serious condition after car crash in Omaha

Two people have died after a car crash at 24th and Lake in Omaha, Nebraska on Monday.

The driver of the 2015 Dodge Journey has pending charges when he is released from the hospital.

Police attended a car accident that involved four cars at 01:09 p.m.

In the investigation, it was found that the Dodge Journey ran a red light at 24th and Lake going more than 30 mph speed limit.

The Dodge struck a 2017 Hyundai Z-Trip taxi. The taxi was turning on a green light from North 24th onto Lake moving west.

The Dodge driver is in a serious but stable condition and is dealing with a head injury.

The driver of the taxi, Terrell L Lindsey, 49, was admitted to Nebraska Medicine by Omaha Fire Medics but they confirmed he died after he was admitted.

Omaha Fire Medics pronounced Laron B Imani, 60, the passenger in the taxi who was unrestrained, dead at the scene.

Following the crash, the Dodge and the taxi struck two cars, a 2001 Buick and a 2007 Lincoln. The Buick and the Lincoln were stopped at a red light going west.

Officers say no one in both the Buick and the Lincoln experienced serious injuries or were admitted to the hospital.

Temporary stop signs are at 24th and Lake because of the damages of the crash.

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