Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible with CFC art work looks stunning

CFC that stands for Car Film Components, a Bavarian auto tuning firm has set its eyes on the VW New Beetle Convertible that is about to be replaced by its makers. The proposal that CFC have placed for the car is indeed an artistic one. For a start, the exterior with certain parts of the body including the doors, side panels, hood and bonnet would be covered in a velvet black wrap while the front and rear bumpers, the wheel arches and the rocker panels are to be draped in a sticker like motif. Cost for both men and material to work on the car has been fixed at €2,200 or about US$3,140.

There are some optional extras too that CFC has on offer for those who don’t mind shelling out some more of their hard earned money. There is the set of 19-inch alloy wheels priced at €339 or US$484 each, which further can be wrapped around in Kumho Ecsta SPT rubber in size 225/35ZR19 88Y for €159 or US$227 each.

There is also the option of going for 15mn wheel spacers priced at €167 or US$238 per axle, along with a stainless steel coilover suspension from KW for €919 or US$1,311 and stabilizers for €179 or US$255.

Source: carscoop

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