Chevrolet Camaro SS with the ‘chrome’ treatment

The wrap is no longer what you order at the fast-food drive-through. You can order one at Tintek for your Chevrolet Camaro, in case you want to add the bling effect to your high-end purchase. Tintek, a Czechoslovakia based tuning company are the proud promoters of ‘chrome’ for your car, because they think that just a coat of paint is so yesterday. The chrome foil is wrapped over the paint, making it a reversible process, should you change your mind about being gazed at in awe all the time. Getting a protective chrome cover for your Camaro is a step towards not just being stylish but also making it look like it has just driven out of a GenNext Robot movie.

Should you think that silver is passé, and the neighbourhood boasts of a few cars ‘painted’ silver, you are free to take your pick from gold, red, orange, blue, green, violet or black.

The reflective exterior makes a striking style statement. The blinding chrome is a certain eye-catcher, and sure calls for a second or even a third glance. And the owner will surely not mind that!

Source: carscoop

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