Chevrolet Cruze orders stopped for extensive inspection

General Motors Co. lifted the stop sales order which it had pit on the 831 Chevrolet Cruze which had been delivered to customers and dealers. The automaker issued this order in order to check the quality issue again with these cars, as reported by Alan Adler, a spokesman from GM.

Cruze is Chevrolet’s latest car and is featured with either the naturally aspirated four cylinder of 1.8 liter or the turbocharged Ecotec four cylinder of 1.4 liters. In the General Motor letter received on Thursday, the dealers were asked not to see, demonstrate or trade the set of those 831 cars. Even the memo had attachment which listed VIN numbers of these cars.

The company also reported that the dealers who have been affected due to this order will be easily reimbursed for the floor planning costs incurred over four days when the sales were suspended. Adler declined to tell what per car or per day reimbursement would actually be.

He further added that the stop order highlights great care that the company is taking in order to make certain that the cars face a successful launch. General Motors began the shipping of Cruze cars to its dealers in the month of September.

The Cruze has been assembled at the factory in Lordstown in Ohio. Adler even refused to discuss about why the issue has been declared and what went wrong with those cars.

However all vehicles were released nationally for sale as well as delivery after the automaler examined the models with utmost care. After the careful inspection, the company determined that the Cruze models were all perfect.

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