Children taken after ‘drugged’ Florida couple filmed passed out in car

Children taken after 'drugged' Florida couple filmed passed out in car

Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office have detained William Ballard, 36, and 32-year-old Delenay Crissinger on suspicion of drug and kid neglect accusations after they were seen unconscious at a Texaco filling station with a five-month-old and one-year-old likewise in the vehicle.

CCTV footage reveals them pulling into the station in the early hours of 19 January and were still there around 8am local time when they were identified by passers-by.

Cops were contacted and officers searched the automobile and discovered bags of methamphetamine, fentanyl and heroin inside. A packed syringe was also found on the floorboard beside a container of baby formula.

Eric Roundtree, who works at a restaurant next door, informed Fox 13 News: “We don’t really see what addiction is about up until we see something like that and that what saddens me most about it.

“You’re an adult, you can do what you wish to do however don’t bring your kids involved. And those two little innocent kids didn’t have nothing to do with this and now they’re shocked.”

The kids have since been taken into custody and the couple detained.

In a statement, Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office stated: “Ballard is accused of children neglect, possession of heroin with intent to sell, possession of methamphetamine with intent to sell, and driving with a suspended license. He is presently in custody on $30,120 (₤ 23,940) bond.

“Crissinger likewise deals with charges of kid neglect, possession of methamphetamine and ownership of narcotics devices. Throughout a first appearance hearing, the judge set her bond at $17,000.”

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