Dodge recalls 200,000 Journeys due to block heater troubles

If you live in super-cold environments, choosing an engine block heater reduce the time it takes to warm up and makes cold-weather beginning much easier.

If you bought a Dodge Journey geared up with among these block heaters, you might be subject to a fresh recall.

Dodge released a recall covering almost 200,000 Journey crossovers equipped with optional block heaters. These cars cover the 2009-2016 model years, and only 10,944 lie in the US. The other 187,436 Journeys lie in Canada.

The recall took place because an internal examination found that, when exposed to severe cold, lines carrying power steering fluid might leakage during engine startup. If that occurs, the power steering might be decreased or missing. While an absence of power guiding just needs additional effort, not everybody has lower arms the size of tree trunks, and you don’t wish to be captured off guard by that sort of problem.

Dodge will replace some parts to fix the problem, however the parts are not yet readily available.

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