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Dyson seeks to beat competitors by going its own way

Dyson is developing an electric vehicle, the company revealed recently, and now we understand a little more about their specific plan to bring one to market. The company will not aim to partner, and will rather build the vehicle hardware from the ground up itself, according to a new Wired interview with Max Conze, the Dyson CEO. By depending on its own battery and motor technology, Dyson hopes to have the ability to beat the series of existing electric vehicles by between 50 and 100 percent, Conze stated.

That would undoubtedly be a distinguishing point for Dyson with its offering, and most likely an ideal chance it has at delivering a product that can charm consumers away from electric cars from conventional automakers and even Tesla. Dyson states it wants to “do its own thing,” and use internal engineering “that can do the car end-to-end as well as […] own the production.”

Dyson isn’t planning on developing its own self-driving software, however, and anticipates it will have the ability to buy autonomous systems “off the shelf” from providers once the time comes for the innovation to be correctly integrated into a shipping vehicle.

Going it alone looks like a big difficulty for a beginner to the auto market like Dyson, but Conze informed that it’s really going to be a benefit in numerous ways, since they do not have to build on what came previously. A fresh start indicates they can use their efforts on something really new, and an auto platform customized completely to their electrical goal.

Dyson also said that it’s not intending on investing substantially in charging facilities since it wants to improve range to the point where having to charge regularly isn’t really a concern. Critics have expressed suspicion about the company’s ability to pull this off, and the lack of concern about essential aspects like infrastructure seem to support those doubts, however the company does have deep proficiency with the electric motor efficiency– and a history of showing focus when it pertains to innovating product categories that others have ignored.

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