Electric Vehicle sales to triple in Europe

Electric Vehicles are making huge strides forward in the European auto market. Zero emission vehicles are likely to become mainstream in Europe in the next two years. Electric car models will triple in the next three years and will consequently bring this huge change. Auto-mobile manufacturers will offer around 214 electric car models in 2021, a huge increase from just 60 in 2018. These cars will include battery electric (BEV), plugin hybrid (PHEV) and fuel cell (FCEV) models. It will indeed be a next step into a cleaner future.

Transport & Environment (T & E), Europe’s major clean transport group have released the above numbers in a new analysis which also says:

“Until recently, the EV market was limited to a niche of early adopters but tomorrow’s landscape will be very different as EVs enter a new phase and near the mass market,”

The change will certainly be more radical if car-makers provide the mass with more affordable options. Provided with an affordable choice, the consumer will most likely switch to electric vehicles very soon. Much sooner than expected. Car manufacturers are getting much more open to the ideas of car-electrification nowadays. The forecast is that the manufacturers will launch 92 full electric vehicles and 118 hybrid models to the market by 2021.

European Union caps and positive impact on the environment

The European target to reduce CO2 emissions from cars to 95g/km. If all goes according to plan there will be a six fold increase in the production of EV’s in Europe. This increase in numbers means that there will be around 4 million EV’s in Europe by 2025. Subsequently, 22% of vehicles will have a CO2 plug and will help the EU reach its target.

The main manufacturing ground of the EV’s will be in Western Europe lead by Germany, France, Spain and Italy. Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic will dominate in Eastern and Central Europe.

Major companies like BMW, Dailmer, PSA, Renault will be major players in this surge. Well let’s wait and watch to see how it all turns out to be.

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