Audi-Hydro Partner for sustainibility

Audi will Partner with Hydro for aluminium supply

German automobile giants Audi have partnered with Hydro for the supply of sustainable aluminium certified by ASI. The aluminium acquired will be used to manufacture the battery housing of the Audi e-tron, the company’s first full electric model. This is an integral step in Audi’s target to reduce CO2 footprints from its products. The partnership between Hydro and Audi makes the supply chain of the Audi e-tron, more sustainable.

A shared goal

Sustainability is one of the most important goals for Audi and Hydro. Therefore both the brands want to reduce CO2 emissions from the usage of aluminium. This partnership is a step forward to achieve the shared goal. Audi plans to reduce the CO2 footprints of their products by 30% throughout their lifespan by 2025, when compared to their products in 2015. Moreover, certification by the ASI has come after a lot of workshops where Audi and Hydro have provided insight into effective measures of reducing CO2 emissions. Audi management board Dr. Bernd Martens has said

“We want to offer our customers completely CO2‑neutral mobility by 2050 at the latest. To do that, we need a sustainable supply chain.”

He also added

” We, therefore, seek dialogue with our partners and, together with them, want to significantly reduce CO2 emissions along the entire value chain.”

Audi had started a CO2 program in 2018. So after conducting around 20 workshops with aluminium manufacturers, Hydro seemed to provide the solution. Hydro provided them with aluminium sheets which were approved by the ASI. Hydro Executive Vice President quoted

We are very proud to supply ASI-certified metal, especially for the Audi e‑tron, one of Audi’s flagships. We are constantly working on reducing our impact and that of our customers on the environment,”

This is certainly a huge leap forward towards sustainable development because it gives us an insight into how the big brands plan about the future. In conclusion, we can sincerely hope that this partnership brings about a positive change. The Audi Hydro partnership will surely fuel sustainable development.

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