Family of woman pulled from burning car grateful for rescuers in Charleston

Charleston, West Virginia

The family of a woman was helped from a burning car on Thursday morning. She has been released from the hospital and is looking forward to seeing her rescuers.

The car burst into flames after a Kanawha County school bus collided into it on Interstate 77. The bus driver has been charged with driving under the influence.

Family members of Desiree Hatfield stated they are grateful for those who jumped to the rescue.

“We are all just so thankful for everything they did,” stated Hatfield’s sister Georgia Mullins. “They don’t know who she is, they don’t know her, but they risked their own lives.”

Hatfield’s dad, David Reed, added that he still gets emotional when he observes what remains of the car.

“I still cry when I see it,” Reed stated. “They’re angels — angels from heaven for taking care of my daughter.”

Interestingly, Mullins stated the bus driver charged in that crash, Susan Lipscomb, was the girls’ bus driver when they were younger.

“It kind of hits home, like I know this person,” Mullins stated. “It’s difficult to take in that it was someone that you know. It just hurts.”

Hatfield’s family said she is still recovering from the pain but would one day like to meet her rescuers.

“She can’t express enough how grateful she is for them,” Mullins stated. “She would love to meet all of them and give them a hug and shake their hand.”

Mullins states she has reached out to some of the rescuers and would like to thank them in person.

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