Ferrari readying all new 599 replacement based on the FF for launch in 2012

All the production units of the Ferrari FF for the year has been sold out and it is expected that this would have a fall out effect on the 599 GTB Fiorano albeit in a positive manner. For there has been news that Ferrari is not building the 599 facelift and is instead considering developing a new car all together as its replacement. Motor Trend magazine has reported this information about the new car being derived from the FF which features a mightier punch when it comes to performance features. Launch of the new car is slated for late 2012.

The engine fit of the car is a V12 naturally aspirated unit that develops 700 hp that is based on the FF’s 6.3 liter unit. For better fuel efficiency the car is incorporated with direct injection system which makes it more fuel efficient compared to the 599 model. With this the power increase is around 80 hp. The 599 successor would also be using aluminium frame as well as 20 different alloys which in turn also contributes to a leser overall weight of the car.

Lamborghini and McLaren have changed over to making their cars off carbon fiber while Ferrari is still continuing to rely on the aluminium base. There is however information that technical director of Ferrari, Roberto Fedeli has admitted to the use of composite panels for the new car.

For transmission the new 599 would use seven speed dual clutch transmission and a multi-link rear axle similar to the ones in use in the California, 458 and FF. An electronic differential on the rear-axle which will allow for greater handling flexibility is also incorporated in the car. The Manettino’s position has been used for this fitment.

Also, to keep up with the performance oriented character, the 599 replacement will not have the all wheel drive just like the FF though the California will have an AWD as an option in 2013.

Source: carscoop

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