Ferrari unveils fastest convertible ever, and a super-fast family car

Ferrari Aperta, Paris Motor Show

One was a less costly version of the practical GTC4Lusso model, which is a four-seater. The other was a convertible variation of the LaFerrari hybrid severe supercar.

The convertible supercar, named the LaFerrari Aperta, costs $2.2 million. However it was still sold out even prior to Ferrari (RACE) announced, back in July, that it will be introduced in Paris this month.

The Aperta is offered with a basic cloth top plus an optional detachable carbon fiber hard top. It has the similar V12 hybrid drive system as the hardtop coupe version. With an output of 750 horsepower, the V12 engine is considered to be the most powerful engine ever used in a Ferrari roadway car. And that’s not even including the extra power from electrical motors. Entirely, the system produces 950 horsepower.

The convertible likewise has the similar 217 mile-per-hour top speed as the hardtop LaFerrari. It’s uncommon for a convertible to be able to go as quick as a hardtop automobile due to the compromised aerodynamics. With the roofing open however its side windows up, the Aperta is just as aerodynamic as the hardtop automobile, as per Ferrari.

Just 209 of these vehicles are being produced, including nine that are being possessed by Ferrari.

Ferrari also revealed Thursday the GTC4Lusso T, an automobile suggested for practical day-to-day use.

GTC4Lusso model

It’s a V8-powered variation of a car that had formerly been offered just with Ferrari’s well known V12 engine. The turbocharged V8 creates 602 horsepower compared to the V12’s 680 horse power. However it will still get the vehicle from nothing to 60 miles an hour in under 3.5 seconds, only a little slower than the V12.

Ferrari crafted the V8 version to supply a more enjoyable and interesting daily driving experience even at relatively low speeds, stated Nicola Boari, Ferrari’s director of item marketing. Since it’s intended for those who desire a Ferrari they can truly drive all the time, it’s expected to bring new clints into the “Ferrari family,” he stated.

Rates will begin at around $260,000, about $40,000 less than the V12 GTC4Lusso. That’s still not inexpensive but that’s a Ferrari for you.

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