Ferrari’s One-Off Superamerica 45 Special seen at the Villa d’Este

The Superamerica 45 is the one off from Ferrari that has been commissioned by the American billionaire Peter Kalkow. The item car made its appearance at the Villa d’Este for taking part in the Concorso D’Eleganza contest. This provided an opportunity for a passerby to capture on video the unique roof mechanism of the car as it made its first appearance under the sun. And the car didn’t disappoint either with its rotating top that is not only extremely agile but also takes the least space in the boot.

The Superamerica 45 which is based on the 599 GTB also has its roof made of carbon fiber, just as it has been in the 575 Superamerica, the current Superamerica 45’s predecessor. The roof top also impresses with its response times – 6 seconds which is all it takes to flip open, much faster than what any other convertible that is available in the market today. The Renault Wind is another car that has a rotatable top but it takes 12 seconds for the entire operation of the top getting stowed under the boot. In comparison, the Superamerica 45 has a much simpler mechanism where the roof is stowed above the boot lid.

The car costs a fortune all right and is also not one that would be put to mass production. But then, perhaps someone might adopt the unique roof stowing mechanism in a mass produced car. As for the reason, well there are plenty – its safe, simple, unique and does not affect the boot spac.

Below is a comparative video clip of the coachbuilt Ferrari’s roof opening system with that 575 Superamerica and the difference is all too evident.

Source: carscoop

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