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Fesler-Moss tuning packages for the 2010 Camaro SS

2010 Fesler-Moss Camaro Limited Edition PackageJon Moss, former director of GM’s specialty vehicles division and Chris Fesler of Fesler Built, a high end hot rod builder and parts manufacturer, have teamed up to take the 2010 Camaro SS to the next level.

There are two packages available: Competition Package and Limited Edition Package.

Competition Package includes 30-way adjustable coil over suspension; billet, carbon fiber body kit, sound system upgrade, supercharger; high performance air cleaner; 6-piston Fesler branded brake upgrade and 22-inch Fesler branded wheels. Cost of the package is $50,000 plus a donor car. For little extra you can also swap the stock engine to an LS7 or LS9.

Limited Edition Package gets a serious power upgrade. Stock LS3 is swapped with supercharged LS9 engine. Other highlights are an adjustable coil over suspension, front and rear sway bars, 6-piston brakes,  stainless steel bi-modal exhaust system, 6-speed manual transmission, 22-inch Fesler-Moss wheels, custom color paint scheme with painted racing stripes, Corvette styled door handles and carbon fiber body kit.

Production will be limited to just 60 cars and the cost is $110,000 plus a donor car.

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