Finding the Best Roof Box for Your Car

by SpeedLux
Roof box for car

Going on a camping trip is thrilling and exciting, but one big problem you might face is when there is not enough space in your car to store all your essentials. Sacrificing your foot space just to fit some things, or placing some bags on your lap just don’t cut it and can end in an uncomfortable road trip towards to your destination.


To tackle this problem, a car roof box is an effective and affordable solution. Not to mention, it is a lot cheaper than buying a bigger car just to have more room space.


What Is a Car Roof Box?

A car roof box is simply a container which adds storage space in your car whenever you need it. To put it simply and literally, it is a box that is fixed to the roof of your car for safety and weight loading. They come in many shapes and sizes depending on your needs as well as your car size and the price depends on its quality and durability.


Choosing the Right One

There are a lot of factors that should be considered which requires a lot of research. Here are some tips that you should consider as we help you find the perfect roof box.



Make sure to have roof bars installed on the roof of your car before installing a roof box. Check the size, distance and width of your roof bars to see if the one you are considering fits perfectly.


Size and Shape

Roof boxes come in varied sizes, so ask yourself if you really need the largest one because usually, a medium sized roof box is enough for the family.


Furthermore, the shape also matters; rather than looking at the capacity of the roof box, consider the length and width instead. The capacity may indicate a larger space but the shape may not allow your luggage to fit inside. The dimensions matter more than the volume of the box.



Yes, the price is a big factor in choosing the right roof box, but keep in mind that the best quality roof boxes owe it to the durability and the kind of materials used.


A roof box that is too cheap may indicate a weaker roof box, but that does not mean that purchasing the most expensive one has the best quality. Choose products that are guaranteed to last longer and those that are more likely to withstand extreme pressures.


Maximum Capacity

Your car can only carry up to a certain amount of weight, that is why you have to check your car’s maximum capacity and calculate the roof box’s total weight after placing your stuff there. A dented car roof is a very big and, not to mention, expensive mistake.



When you have the roof box placed in your car, its security is also a main concern for you. There are roof boxes that open only on one side, while some open in both sides – whatever kind you choose, see to it that they are not easily opened.



After using your roof box, you also need of a good place to store it. Here are some suggestions for good storage areas as well as tips.


Garage or Sheds

The garage is a good place to store your car roof box – you wouldn’t want to leave it outside where it is a target for thieves to easily steal. If your garage has no space, or if your roof box is not large, you can store it in the shed instead.


Bike Locks

If you really have no space in your garage or shed and you have no choice but to place it outside, at least secure it with a bike lock so you won’t be surprised that it’s missing in the morning.


Storage Straps

These hold your roof boxes up or suspended on your garage’s roof when you do not need it.



A car roof box is the best solution to adding some space in your car rather than buying a bigger car, which can be very expensive. For our top recommendation, we like the Yakima range of car roof boxes. You can find this roof box here. Your road trips or camping trips will never be the same again and you will feel much more comfortable with the freed up space during your long drive.

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