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Florida Car Crash

Florida Guy Crashes Dodge Challenger in an Attempt to Time Travel

It seems that a Florida man has taken the recent “Back to the Future” events a step too far. Last week a guy in Pensacola, Fla. reportedly drove as well as crashed his Dodge Challenger through the wall surface of a tiny office in an attempt to time travel.

As per Pensacola news station Channel 3, the unidentified guy was uninjured and was taken to the hospital. Until now, the motorist has been arrested for careless driving. The report doesn’t mention if the car was traveling 88 mph during the time of the collision.

Based on the pictures, the Challenger was most likely travelling rather quickly. The report explains that the Challenger collapsed through the front wall of Advanced Tax Services and also ultimately came to a stop midway through the back wall surface. Because the crash occurred on a Sunday, no staff members were in the office. However, much of the furniture as well as computer systems endured comprehensive damage.

“It appeared like a bomb went off,” Emanuel Mores, General Supervisor of Advanced Tax Services said, he added “I was mad, then at some point I was happy that no one was injured.”

A casket business next door additionally experienced comprehensive damage and was considered risky to enter. Both businesses mentioned they will certainly relocate to new workplaces.

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