Ford issues three recalls for fewer than 10,000 automobiles

Ford’s very first recall of the day covers only 900 units of the 2015-2016 Ford Focus Electric, which is an electric automobile sold in only few of the states. The impacted Focus were integrated in 2 locations, that includes the Michigan Assembly Plant between August 20, 2015, and April 13, 2016, and the Saarlouis Assembly Plant from February 28, 2016, and March 30, 2016.

In these automobiles, the differential pinion shaft may wear, which could fracture the shaft and trigger the automobile to lose the ability to move under its own power. Putting the car in Park might likewise be affected. This might occur while at speed.

Ford’s next recall impacts 2 different cars, the 2016 F-150 and the 2016 Explorer. The affected Explorers were built in Chicago, between February 17, 2016, and March 7, 2016. As for the F-150, affected cars are divided in between two centers– Dearborn from February 20, 2016, and February 25, 2016, and Kansas City between February 17, 2016, and February 24, 2016.

The concern associates with the driver-side seatback. An inappropriate welding task might not be able to hold a resident during an accident. This might magnify the possibility for injury, as you usually want your seat to stay put in a scenario like that.

Finally, we have a recall impacting simply 608 examples of the 2016 Transit Connect cargo van. Impacted automobiles were produced at the Valencia Assembly Plant between February 22, 2016 and April 9, 2016. 605 of these vans remain in the United States, while a measly 3 are tucked up north, in Canada.

This problem includes the braking system. Lowered efficiency of the brake hydraulic control unit may cause concerns with safety systems, consisting of electronic stability control, roll stability control, anti-lock braking, curve control, trailer sway control, traction control and hill-start aid, without warning.

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