Ford Mustang 2015 car engine details likely leaked out for people

Generally, Ford Company is strong in maintaining secrets about their new car. The staffs are checked when they go out of the work from the factory. However, there is a rumor the engine details of the Ford Mustang 2015 are assumed by the new car buyers. This kind of leakage in car engine details leak would affect the sales of the car when it arrives in the year two thousand and fifteen.

However, there is a mustang forum to discuss about their new cars, in this form a Ford employee informed that the company is planning to offer a three engine lines and with four-cylinder engine. However, the source from outside informing it would not be a two point three liter, but only two point five liter and Ecoboost with three hundred HP. The power plants would be only three point seven liter and with six cylinder with the power of three hundred and five HP.

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