AC Schnitzer ACS5 Sport S Concept is clearly depends on its sophistication

Excellent, strong and individual: the AC Schnitzer ACS5 Sports S Saloon discloses new and unusual facets of driving car delight. With the new BMW 5-series saloon and the new BMW 5-series exploring, in 2011 two new 5-series models have been rewarded the prestigious if accolade for wonderful product design.

Equally prize worthy is the AC Schnitzer ACS5 sports S Saloon founded on the BMW 5-Series saloon, which celebrates its premiere at the 2011 Geneva engine Show. A glimpse under the bonnet with the AC Schnitzer engine and motor embayment fashioning displays just who is liable for the revolutionary refinement.

The AC Schnitzer restricted slip differential with up to 75% achieve ensures that the wonderful power reaches the issue where it is required. The AC Schnitzer twin sports back silencer with chromed “Sports Trim” follow pipe trims left and right combines stimulating look and sound.

What does the good driver expect from flawless brakes? Perfect braking of course! With the AC Schnitzer high presentation brake technology with 8-piston permanent calipers left and right, and an 8-piece kit of brake pads and caliper holders is found on the front axle, all potential of optimum deceleration and greatest steadiness are amply fulfilled.

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