Ford remakes historic march to Aqaba with truck and SUV line-up

Ford is remaking one of the most bold and remarkable military campaigns in history, utilizing its developed Ford difficult truck and unstoppable SUV lineup to follow the steps of Lawrence of Arabia throughout the desert.

100 years ago in modern day’s Jordan, T. E. Lawrence led a difficult, two-month march through a desert numerous thought to be blockaded to record the Red Sea city of Aqaba. Even then, Ford automobiles browsed the desert surface– archive video shows Lawrence driving a Ford Model T throughout the area. Ford provided 40,000 Model T’s, utilized as ambulances, tanks and transporters, to the WWI effort.

After one century as well, consumers in Middle East and Africa, and all over the world, continue to appreciate the ability and utility of Ford’s famous trucks and SUVs, whether in the desert or on the day-to-day commute. Developed Ford Tough is more than a slogan, it’s the DNA of Ford’s truck and unstoppable SUV lineup, and it informs the ability, comfort and innovation Ford clients anticipate.

Ford is backtracking the steps of the march of Aqaba with seven of the greatest SUVs and trucks in its steady: The F-150, EcoSport, Edge, Expendition, Explorer, Escape and Ranger.

The seven-nameplate convoy will assemble on the 7 Pillars Mountain in the otherworldly Wadi Rum desert, for which Lawrence’s “7 Pillars of Wisdom” is named.


“At Ford we are unbelievably happy of that we make the best trucks and SUVs globally and what better way to show the capability and performance of Ford’s trucks and energy vehicles, than recreating the historic march to Aqaba,” stated Jim Benintende, president of Ford Middle East and Africa.

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