Ford’s Focus – Fusion of Electric and Hybrid Venture

Ford self-driving cars

US automotive giant Ford has actually put down some really enthusiastic prepare for the future. It wants to be a world leader in electrical vehicles and self-driving vehicles, but that doesn’t suggest it’s forgotten its most significant clients.

“We’re not moving from an ‘old’ business to a ‘new’ business. We’re transferring to a larger business,” stated Ford President and CEO Mark Fields.

That’s why it is going to continue to set the speed when it comes to the pickup truck– the F150 is the world’s most popular pickup– and with family-friendly SUVs. And, most importantly it will continue to provide performance automobiles that are as economical as they are interesting. After the success of the Ford GT and the 350GT Mustang prepare for a further 12 fast Fords that will all show up before the end of this decade.

Nevertheless, the company likewise recognizes that the concept of individual mobility is expanding rapidly beyond the concept of having a car. Apps that allow carpooling or sharing are only going to get more popular while the services themselves will soon end up being totally automated– Uber’s currently taking a huge step to this goal with the launch of a self-driving automobile service in Pittsburgh.

“The world is moving from merely owning cars to owning and sharing them. That’s why we are broadening to sell more automobile and offer transportation services at the same time,” stated Fields.

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