October 28, 2020

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    Ford logo in their auto plant

    Ford’s rejection of a rescue deal for the Blanquefort site located in France represented a “betrayal” by the U.S. automaker, stated French finance minister Bruno Le Maire on Thursday.

    “I am revolted, I am sickened by this decision whose only justification is for Ford to get its shares to increase on the stock market,” Le Maire informed the French Senate.

    “I want to attack the cowardice of Ford. For the last three days I have been looking to discuss them, and they didn’t even have the courage to talk to the minister of finance and economy over the phone,” added Le Maire.

    Ford previously stated it would will end production at its Blanquefort gearbox plant located in southwest France by late August next year after it rejected a Belgian firm’s offer to buy the factory.

    The site employs around 850 workers.


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