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How to Identify the Right Automotive Ceramic Coating Specialist?

It’s not easy to select the right automotive ceramic coating specialist when it’s your first time. But selecting the right specialist for your car is paramount. You cannot take it for granted since coating your car is a capital-intensive undertaking. So what are the qualities you need to look for in a specialist? Read on to know more. 

What is Automotive Ceramic Coating?

Since you’re starting from scratch, there’s a chance that you might be carrying a misconception about automotive ceramic coating. Also, it’s common for customers to confuse it with Teflon.

Ceramic coating is the process of adding a layer of chemical to your car paint at a molecular level to protect against dust and dirt. The chemical used is a liquid polymer that is specifically designed for a particular car. Since the processing is done at a molecular level, the protection force is greater than Teflon.

Teflon, on the other hand, protects your car paint. Hence, it is also known as “Paint Protection Coating”. Unlike a ceramic coating which is prepared specifically for each car, Teflon is the same for all the vehicles. Teflon coating refers to a chemical called “polytetrafluoroethylene” or “PTFE”. 

Teflon is the trade name of PTFE. Therefore, whichever car dealership you go to, they’ll apply the same Teflon to protect the paint. While in the case of ceramic coating, it varies. That’s one of the major differences between the two.

Now that you’re aware of the definition and differences, you’re in a safe position to choose an automotive ceramic coating specialist. As you proceed through your research, you can look at a few things that will help you pick the best one.

Experience with Automotive Ceramic Coating

If it isn’t clear already, the ceramic coating requires skill and expertise. Not every auto dealership can produce the same results. And the experience is the thing that differentiates a good car shop from an average one.

Ceramic coating will be infused with your car’s paint. Therefore, picking the right one is essential for the glossy look. Take into account there are three different types of ceramic coating used in the automotive industry. Each one offers a different level of wear resistance.

Definitely, you won’t be picking the ceramic coating. The technician or mechanic will. Therefore, he is supposed to have more in-depth knowledge of the types of coating available.

There’s also a set of procedures that needs to be followed when applying the coating. For example, you need to thoroughly clean the car surface and remove all forms of contaminants, debris, and dust particles. Without this, the infusion will not be effective, resulting in an uneven coating.

Similarly, there are 12 different steps ranging from bucket wash to shampooing to polishing with microfiber pads.

Each of these steps demands expertise and experience. Therefore, you may not want to go to an automotive workshop where the technicians don’t possess relevant working experience.

You can figure out the experience by looking at the establishment date and going through the site. Read the “About Us” section to get a better picture.

After Sales Support

Ceramic coating is not an “Apply-once-and-forget-it” kind of thing. It may require regular maintenance from time to time. You need to wash your car every two weeks, use the two-bucket washing method, and use a specific shampoo. There are also other things to take care of.

It’s better if a fully equipped workshop does this. They will be able to spot any scratches at a microscopic level and repair it if needed.

Therefore, after-sales support for ceramic coating is vital. If you find an automotive ceramic coating specialist is offering after-sales and maintenance, then chances are it’s the right one to deal with.

Warranty Coverage

Ceramic coatings are an expensive undertaking that can go upwards of $3,000. Therefore, you need to make sure your investments are well-protected. The protection often comes in the form of a warranty. The ceramic coating manufacturer provides the warranty.

But, technicians play a vital role in selecting the right warranty package for you. Some warranties do not cover commercial vehicles, while others do. As a beginner, you’d have little idea on these topics. The technician can help you out with this.

Besides warranty, protection is also available in the form of insurance. Some insurance providers do cover ceramic coatings, while others don’t. Again, the specialist will guide you better in this process.

With the right automotive ceramic coating specialist, you can have peace of mind. Better yet, you can develop a healthy relationship that saves you money over the years on your car.

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