Hyundai prepares with Gurnade Veloster SEMA concept

Veloster Gurnade Concept

Hyundai is preparing a full-scale onslaught for SEMA 2016, having taken the covers off a Veloster to join the set of 4x4s it revealed last week. The Gurnade Concept takes the fundamental Hyundai Veloster, and operates in a wide-bodykit and some choice engine adjustments.

The significant modifications to the Veloster concentrate on its outside. Up front, a set of customized headlamps and foglamps sit below a new carbon fiber hood, working with a carbon front bar to include a little bit of drama to the formula.

On the other hand, moving along the side of the automobile reveals a new set of side bars and bolt-on fender flares. Down back, there’s a huge wing connected to the carbon fiber hatch. It’s all rounded off in an unique shade of PPG Magic Magenta, covered in an unique paint protection film.

Under the hood, modifications to the Veloster aren’t quite as remarkable as the ones fitted to the Santa Fast. 845 Motorsports has supplied a brand-new intercooler, down pipe and cold-air consumption for a bit more power, and a fresh ECU tune should likewise give the engine a boost.

The motorsports focus advances the interior, where Cobra Nogaro bucket seats and Takata racing harnesses hold the motorist tightly. A full rollcage is another racing touch, however the huge subwoofer and audio system are at chances with the rest of the stripped-back cabin.

The Veloster Gurnade Concept will be displayed at SEMA in Las Vegas, starting on November 1.

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