It’s Official: Brabus G800

Brabus has announced that it will launch Brabus G800 in the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in March 2013.

The G800 will have twin-turbocharged 6.0 liter V12 engine with an output generation capacity of astounding 800 hp and 1,420 Nm of torque at peak. The model is capable of touching the speed of 100 kmph in 4.2 seconds and highest speed of 250 kmph.

Many exterior upgrades have been done which include new front and rear skirt, new door panels, LED daytime running lights and the width of the body has increased by 12 centimeters.

The model also offers three different varieties of rims which are called by “Platinum Edition”. The varieties are Monoblock E evo and Monoblock F as well as Monoblock R. this edition comes with a huge wheel base of 11Jx23. There is a choice for the customers for the type of tires one requires and also for the interiors.

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