October 28, 2020

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    Jaguar has been the talk of the town so to say. The F-type roadster and its new small size sedan was announced by the company. Jaguar has also confirmed the decision to place the development  of Jaguar supercar on hold. British press has now stated that Jaguar is also in the process of coming out with a coupe version of the XF luxury sedan as well as a station wagon. This latest talk from British press has yet to be confirmed by Jaguar.

    Tata has its sight on the market at large and wants to make sure that its successful XF Sedan model is able to cover the entire available market.

    A 4.2 liter 400 hp supercharged V8 is going to be purring under the hood of both new versions. There is a possibility of the engine being changed for a 500 hp one in the future units that roll out.

    Source: topspeed

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