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Land Rover DC100 Concept Debut: Official Info and Specs

The Land Rover’s iconic Defender will see again the light of day in North America, since two variants of the concept version, the DC100 and DC 100 Sport, will make their North American debut this Wednesday at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show. The production version of the DC100 is expected to go on sale to the masses in late 2015.

The DC100 presents itself lika a merge between the beauty of the Evoque and the old Defender’s go-anywhere capability that has helped elevate Land Rover’s status as an elite auto maker.

It seems that due to the fact that it has only one concept at tis point, Land Rover wants to stuff the DC100 and DC100 Sport with enough off-road capabilities to make up for the 14-year absence from the U.S. market, which include an exposed spare tire, 20-inch wheels, and a boxy profile. The front fascia is recognizable, the concepts hanging on to the Defender’s grille design and round lamps.

The DC100 Sport includes a fold-down windscreen and can be outfitted with 22-inch wheels as well. Other optional features include a roof rack and a ‘snorkel’ air-intake that can be added to help wading through water.
Other features are the Next-gen Terrain Response, the Wade-Aid, and the Terrain-i. The latest Terrain Response system chooses the best option to pilot the environment without the driver having to do anything by mapping out what’s ahead of the DC100 and offering alternative routes when necessary. It also displays the topography on a 3D map for the driver to see.

It is quite obvious that Land Rover hopes to speed for today’s market with the new Defender, and all we can do is hope with them and wait and see. Good luck guys!

Source: AutoMotive

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