Lebanese and French government don’t know how Carlos Ghosn made it to Lebanon

Carlos Ghosn Renault-Nissan

The Lebanese government has no idea how Nissan ex-boss Carlos Ghosn made it from Japan, where he was going to be tried for financial misconduct, to Lebanon, the foreign ministry stated on Tuesday.

Lebanon sent official correspondence on Ghosn to Japan back in the day without receiving a response, and a full file was shared with Japan’s assistant foreign minister in Beirut some days ago, the ministry statement included.

It stated that Lebanon lacks a judicial cooperation agreement with Japan but shared details as part of a United Nations agreement on fighting corruption.

France is not aware that Ghosn was jumping bail in Japan to go to Lebanon, the Foreign Ministry stated on Tuesday.

The French government also had no information regarding the circumstances of Ghosn’s departure and subsequent arrival in Lebanon, the ministry stated in an online briefing.

Junior Economy Minister Agnes Pannier-Runacher had previously said she had been “very surprised” by the news when she got to know from the media.

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