Lexus got no plans for an LFA successor

Lexus is one of the unique manufacturers of cars for several years where they are noted well for their ultra model cars where there is a separate fan base for Lexus interested only about the particular models of cars that are available with them. the recent rumors about them is that they have a new concept of super car that can able to provide a number of features that are not even imagined in a car before. This has grabbed attention of a number of people all over the world where they started to discuss in a number of forums regarding the features that may be available.

But from the end of Lexus, they say that they actually have no idea to do so with their production line that is busy with the models of car that are running successfully on road. When discussed with the team of Lexus, they say that they have no such idea as of now since they are not able to deliver all their orders in right time. However they also say that there are a number of plans waiting for the future where they will conquer the world of automobiles very soon with their new concepts of cars.

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