Final Lexus LFA Delivered in Europe

The historical and one of the finest cars, Lexus LFA’s final delivery for Europe has been completed earlier this week. The 40th Lexus LFA was delivered to Nicolas Schilling, an exporter of Italian and French wines into the LFA’s home country of Japan.

The car took around ten long years to be fully developed. The total production of the car was 500 units worldwide of which only 40 were made for European markets. Out of these 40 also, only four cars were delivered with the much sought after Nurburgring package, which added an extra 10 hp, tuned chassis among other track orientated tweaks.

In terms of sales in Europe, 15 units were sold to Germany, followed by Switzerland with 6, the United Kingdom with 5 and the Netherlands and France with 4 and 3 units respectively.

Truly the supercar is not less than a legend and the car lovers would have loved more of such cars being produced so that they can get a chance to own it.

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