Lexus LFA Le Mans Racer Teased

According to the latest reports, sources state that Lexus Race Car driver, Akira Iida tweeted a mysterious picture of a car where he stated that this one will be his “next challenge”, now if the sources are to be believed then the picture is of the long-awaited Lexus LFA(Lexus Fuji Apex) GTE, which is all set to compete in the Le Mans Series next year.

Apparently Lexus has been in the race to expand its grip over the world’s most popular forms of motorsport, so that it could give a strong competition to their rivals like Aston Martin and Ferrari and Porsche and for that they are constantly designing and developing models, and for this before the LFA becomes a production model, prototypes of it used to race at the Nurburgring 24 hours where the engineers perfected the chassis and honed the V10 engine.

Take a close look at the picture and try to make out the difference between the two images, alright let me tell you, the first image which isn’t that clear is the one taken by the Lexus Driver, Akira Iida, and the next picture which is neat enough to get a clear view, is the one which was taken at the Toyota Motorsport headquarters in Germany, last year, So guys can u spot some difference.?

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