Lincoln enjoys Continental lift, doubles market share in luxury cars sector

Lincoln Continental images

The brand-new Lincoln Continental is doing precisely what it is expected to do as a flagship. Not only is it doing well in the market, particularly compared to the Taurus-based MKS it replaced, however it’s providing the whole Lincoln lineup a boost. The Continental commands 14 percent market share of big high-end sedans, as per the Automotive News, putting it in third spot behind the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and its fellow front-wheel-drive-based domestic foe, the Cadillac XTS.

Here’s how a luxury flagship is expected to work. You’re expected to see an advertisement for the trendy new Lincoln Continental, go to your Lincoln dealership to see one, and you will find it is pretty costly– starting at $44,720 and extending to over $80,000– and purchase a smaller, more budget-friendly MKZ with comparable charisma for about $10k less than its big brother. That’s precisely what’s happening in Lincoln dealerships across the country, Automotive News notes.

“It’s become a springboard to selling our other products,” Chris Poulos, general manager of West Point Lincoln in Houston, informed Automotive News. “When you take a look at what it provides for individuals entering into the shop, it’s huge. I believe it brought us totally back to relevance. Lincoln is growing because of it.”

For a while now, people have been speaking about how Lincoln needs to be saved. But Lincoln sales have progressively been growing over the past couple of years and 2016 was Lincoln’s finest year since 2007. Now, with the brand-new Continental here and a brand new Navigator en route, it looks as though the brand took all the ideal steps to not only make it through, but surpass expectations.

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