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Aston Martin luxury items

Luxury brands such as Aston Martin, Bentley are branching out to sell sofas, sunglasses and yachts

The entire car industry is usually in the state of the flux at this moment. Not just the car companies yet are struggling to get them back on the track after economic crash, the companies such as Google, Uber and Tesla are looking to always disrupt industry completely with the most autonomous technologies of driving, electric vehicles as well as latest ownership models.

At the same time, add to the uncertainty that is surrounding Brexit as well as for the European car companies, even the UK-based companies that are specific, future is also less of the motorway as well as more road of bumpy country.

The manufacturer of Traditionally car have usually created the merchandise as the way of permitting the customers as well as fans to always show the passion for specific brand, while Aston Martin is also not different for offering the branded polo shirts as well as cufflinks.

Aston Martin glasses

Aston Martin scarfs

Companies such as Aston Martin and Bentley believe that what they are providing with their new range of items is access to a lifestyle and way of living formerly only available to those who could afford their vehicles. It is unclear how much a $16,833 couch or $19,639 crocodile skin bag is going to increase their user base, but it is also said that because it has never diluted its brand name, Aston Martin is one of the only a very few firms who could branch out in this way.

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