Mercedes Brings Sexy to the Compact Segment with New Concept A-Class

by Alex

Mercedes Benz has a plan to attend the Shanghai Auto Show to be held this month with an absolute fresh concept for a fabulous looking A-Class model. Just as the name suggests, the Concept A-Class is basically a prototype study. This prototype clearly hints at how the company has figured out to take on its rivals in the form of the BMW 1 Series and Audi A3. The tactics involve the company presenting this next generation model that is speculated to hit the roads by the year of 2012.

To start off with, Mercedes is about to discard the silhouette of the prevalent A-Class sedan that resembles a minivan. In place of it, the company has accepted a more extravagant and sporty looking two-box profile with a long bonnet and a roof line that is low. The exterior details that are incorporated in the design have a strong influence of the most recent prototypes by the names of CLS Shooting Brake and more so of the F800.

Barring the new nose of the car with the so very evident Mercedes grille, the three-door Concept A-Class also has features like concave surfaces with sweeping lines that cover the entire body.

Even if the fact that the production model to be revealed next year is sure to cancel many of the striking details with the loss of the aggression in its look and the proportions of that of the concept car, it is being said that the general shape of the sedan will be preserved.

A look into the inside reveals that the Concept A-Class car has individual seating arrangements for four person and an extremely futuristic styling, which is almost a certainty to be let go off when it comes to production. Even after saying this, there are certain elements put into designing such as the shape of the air vents, steering wheel and instruments will be a source of inspiration to the road rangers, which are likely to be made available with a layout supporting five seats.

Just beneath the sheet metal, the chassis of the Concept A-Class is mounted on a set of new front wheel drive platform that was given the code name MFA, which is speculated to refer to “Mercedes Front-wheel-drive Architecture.” The power for the prototype is delivered by a four cylinder gasoline unit from the new M270 Series of the Mercedes and blends direct injection technique with turbo charging technology. The Concept car is given the 2.0 liter variant of the new engine that has the capability to develop a cool 210 HP. The power gets transferred to the set of the wheels at the anterior through new dual clutch transmission of Mercedes Benz.

Apart from this the technical highlights make inclusion of a radar based warning system that warns about collision. This system is gifted with adaptive Brake Assist. The other innovative inclusions in the car comprise of lamps that run during daytime consisting of 90 optical fibers with sleeves made up of aluminum and are made into an arrangement of the shape of a wing placed within the headlamp.

In addition to the three door hatchback presented as preview by this concept, the officials at the Mercedes Benz have made a declaration about the company’s recent plan of coming up with at least three more versions that were based on the MFA architecture of the A-Class type of sedan.

Source: carscoop

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