Mercedes C74 featuring Akrapovic full titanium exhaust from RENNtech

RENNtech has unveiled the C74 recently, about a month ago as a wide bodied version of Mercedes C63 AMG. The car with its stunning looks, thanks to the body kit influenced by the DTM-racecar is all set to take the automobile market by rush. RENNtech, the Florida based tuning company has brought a mammoth Akrapovic full titanium exhaust system into play, which has reduced the car weight by a whopping 43 lbs (20 kg) increasing the car torque by 12 ponies, i.e. 16 lb-ft (22 Nm) of torque. Thus the car is all set to roar its way through the street. If you want to check it out yourself, how it will turn out to be watch the video after the break. You are surely going to love it!

Source: carscoop

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One thought on “Mercedes C74 featuring Akrapovic full titanium exhaust from RENNtech

  1. C74 rocks. Thanx buddy, I have been looking for this car’s information for 2 hours. Through your article I really found what I need. In this you have mentioned about the weight, body kit, exhaust system etc which is more than enough.

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