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Ford logo in their auto plant

Mexico encourages Ford to invest after the automaker bails on Brazil

The Mexican government is trying to attract Ford Motor to consider relocating some of its operations to Mexico, a senior official said on Tuesday, as the U.S. automaker announced the closure of three plants in Brazil.

Mexican Economy Minister Tatiana Clouthier informed reporters that officials were thinking about some kind of overture to Ford.

“We’re now looking to make Ford an offer,” Clouthier said.

She did not go provide any more details but said the government was “flirting” with the automaker.

“What do you need? How do you need it?” she said, referring to the automaker and suggesting that the government wanted to better understand tax or other incentives the automaker may need in exchange for relocating some of its manufacturing operations to Mexico.

For decades, automaking has been a major part of Mexico’s manufacturing sector.

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