Paige Scully, Susquehanna County

Mother crashes car while drunk, kills four-year-old in Pennsylvania

A 4-year-old girl died on Wednesday in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania after a fatal car crash over which her mother is facing homicide and DUI charges.

On November 18 at around 10 pm, 29-year-old Paige Scully was driving with her four-year-old daughter in the car on SR 367 leaving the Hayloft Bar.

Scully, who police say was drunk, lost control over her car and crashed it.

Her four-year-old was severely injured and had to be flown to Robert Packer Hospital where she died.

Police say they talked to Scully on the scene, and she had a strong odor of alcohol coming from her breath and body. Police said that she had glassy, red eyes, and dilated pupils.

Scully allegedly was erratic and couldn’t focus but informed police that she did not want medical attention.

Scully has gone through a sobriety test where police confirmed she was under the influence and therefore, not able to safely drive a car.

When police searched her car, they said they discovered an open alcoholic drink- which Scully admitted to drinking before she went to drive.

Scully is being charged with child endangerment, DUI and homicide.

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2 thoughts on “Mother crashes car while drunk, kills four-year-old in Pennsylvania

  1. The law’s have to change to protect the innocent the people that are killing people driving drunk are getting off to easy the judge’s are letting criminals of all kinds do very little time and sometimes no time at all.The system has to change if someone drives and kills anyone they should be sentenced to death sence they took a life there life should be taken if someone commits a crime and kills someone then there life should be taken .

  2. As a mother of 2 beautiful girls I can’t even begin to imagine when this mother sobers up and cleans up her life the damage she’s going to have to face, just the knowing and living the rest of her entire life that her beautiful four-year-old daughter is no longer with her to celebrate her sobriety and new life because she will no longer be here. That in itself is a death sentence. My heartfelt prayers go out to the family of this little angel as well as the mother who will now begin her own life sentence. 🙏💔

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