Must-Have Features of A Luxury Vehicle

BMW I8 luxury car

In the automotive world, what makes a luxury vehicle is a hotly debated topic. Some might argue it’s all about the price tag, while others will be focused entirely on the brand. The majority of luxury cars come from brands we associate with luxury. They need a reputation for delivering consistent, high-quality vehicles.

The truth is not everything that Mercedes produces is a luxury vehicle, and it is possible for brands like Toyota and Nissan to sell and produce cars for all types of budget. This leads us to conclude that it is the features of a car that make it luxurious. 

We could loosely define it as having more than just the basics, but since we’re interested in identifying the best luxury vehicles on the market, it helps to dig a bit deeper. Here are some luxury features available in different types of vehicles on the market.

The Rental

We looked further afield than luxury cars to get our inspiration for the levels of luxury that can be achieved. One website for larger luxury transport options gave us some interesting ideas. When it comes to rentals, we could see that luxury was about the whole experience, and it made us realize that it is true when it comes to the buying experience too.

It was the service and the little extras that stood out for us. Polite, attentive, and professional staff who want to help you get what you need were part of the high-quality experience. It was also having our needs met, with power outlets, WiFi, and audio connectivity, which are all things we’d like to find in a luxury car.


The added extras certainly enhance an experience, but if you can’t do the big things well, then the little things go unnoticed. In order to achieve the ultimate comfortable car, luxury cars have to do everything that basic cars do, but take it one step further.

We look for this in many areas. To feel pampered and looked after, the drive needs to be smooth, which requires an upgraded suspension. There should be enough room to stretch out, 

and ideally, the car should be isolated from outside noise.

Materials often play a significant role in comfort and in defining luxury cars. They fall into the style category too, but when it comes to padded leather heated seats, we’re thinking more about sinking into them after a long day, rather than what they look like. We would go as far as saying that comfort is one of the most important considerations when it comes to our cars.


There is no point in denying that good looks play a role in luxury. What we each find appealing in a car is subjective and might differ, but there are undoubtedly some areas we can agree on. Part of the style and status of luxury cars comes from the brand. However, it is also critical to be driving in something that has an impressive appearance.

You might choose sleek and sophisticated, whereas others want something flashy that stands out. Either way, thought needs to have been put into the design so that functionality and form can exist together. The details from the dashboard and trim to the paintwork will all say something about a car.

The automotive industry as often moved between advances in style and advances in technology and substance. We’re looking forward to future car innovations that will find a way to successfully bring these two together in future types of luxury cars.

Final Thoughts 

Luxury vehicles start with a great driving experience. This can be found in the comfort of a vehicle, from the climate control to the seats and suspension. We want our needs to have been thought of, with ways to charge and connect devices.

Luxury still can’t be separated from brand and appearance, though. It isn’t all about status, but we’re more likely to place our trust in those who consistently deliver sleek lines and high-quality materials.

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