Nissan GT-R Debuting in 2013: Info and Specs

Appearently, the Japanese automaker Nissan is planning to release the new 2013 model year GT-R, which is expected to have some really awesome improvements over the present model. If the new model would be fitted with a reworked 3.8-liter V6 developing 530 horsepower instead of 485 horses produced by the previous model, the 2013 Nissan GT-R is rumored to get a power boost from 530HP to 570HP. In order for this to happen, Nissan’s engineers will need to revise the ECU unit and install new exhaust, and intake systems able to provide the extra power.

This will remain the main modification brought to the Nissan GT-R, no improvements to the esthetic department being made, but the transmission and suspension will be revised in order to upgrade ride and handling.

It is not sure that these modifications will really be adopted by Nissan, since the source from which they came from is not official, but the details mentioned above have been discussed at a recent press conference, so it seems that it actually is a solid base to all the rumours. We do not have anything else to do but wait and see.

Source: AutoMotorBlog

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