Nissan Motors increases management presence at Mitsubishi Motors

Mitsubishi Motors and Nissan

Mitsubishi Motors stated an extra four Nissan executives would join its management team as Nissan grips its control over the smaller automaker where it took a controlling stake in 2016.

The statement is part of Mitsubishi Motor’s efforts to reconstruct its management system after it confessed in 2016 that it had overemphasized the mileage on a number of its vehicles offered in Japan, damaging domestic sales and tainting its brand image.

From April, business vice president positions for functions including product advancement and marketing and sales would be inhabited by authorities from Nissan, Mitsubishi Motors stated.

This would increase the amount of Nissan executives on Mitsubishi’ management team to seven, from two now.

“We have to enhance our corporate governance to prevent a repeat of 2016’s scandal, together with scandals previous to that,” Mitsubishi CEO Osamu Masuko told press reporters during a teleconference.

After obtaining a one-third stake in Mitsubishi, Nissan hired Carlos Ghosn – its CEO – as chairman of Mitsubishi, while also positioning two Nissan officials to Mitsubishi’s board of directors.

Nissan likewise dispatched other executives to the smaller automaker, including Trevor Mann, formerly Nissan’s chief performance officer who became chief operating officer at Mitsubishi in 2016.

Last month, Ghosn stated he would step down from the top position at Nissan to concentrate on deepening the automaker’s alliance with Renault SAand Mitsubishi Motors.

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