Norway denies holding up Tesla move to enhance service

Black Tesla Model S P100D

Norway has declined a suggestion it is holding up Tesla’s attempts to improve service in its third-biggest market, saying the electric automaker has not yet applied to utilize the mobile service vans it says it needs to resolve its issues.

Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk last week put blame on a wait for government approval in Norway, its largest market after the United States and China, for not being capable to move faster in addressing increasing complaints from consumers.

The Norwegian Consumer Council stated on July 4 Tesla had climbed to fourth place in the first six months of this year in the list of companies Norwegians complain about the most, up from 24th in 2017.

Musk tweeted in reply: “Norwegians are right to be upset with Tesla. We are having trouble extending our service facilities in Oslo especially. Can solve quickly with Tesla mobile service vans, but awaiting govt permission to do so.”

But Norway’s public roads authority stated it had not yet seen a official application from the company.

“Tesla Norway has recently been in a dialogue with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) regarding regulations for allowing workshops or the possibility of so-called ‘mobile service vans’,” stated The Norwegian transport ministry in a statement to Reuters late on Friday.

“The NPRA gave its answer on June 1, explained the regulations that are valid and that they would welcome a potential application from Tesla Norway to permit mobile service vans. The NPRA has for the moment not received, as of today, such an application.”

Tesla Norway stated media queries should be managed by its European press office, which was not immediately available for remark.

In 2017 sales of electric and hybrid cars were responsible for more than half of new registrations in Norway, a record aided by the subsidies.

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