Official Tease of upcoming Ford Explorer Released

An official photograph of Jim Holland, the chief engineer behind the upcoming Ford Explorer, standing beside the anticipated vehicle was released recently. Well, it’s not exactly a photo revealing the entire SUV, but at least we can actually see parts of its body, now. While there’s still no official announcement from Ford about the 90’s hit, the vehicle was previously set to debut this year.

The car manufacturer is keeping its fans on the edge of their seats by not releasing an official list of specs for the SUV just yet. However, we already know that it will be sharing quite a significant number of features with the Ford Flex. Now, if you know your Ford cars, this would probably not make any sense. The flex is a crossover and the Explorer is a meaty SUV.

It would only make perfect sense if Ford is also working on an edgy crossover which binds fuel efficiency with off road capacities. We will have to wait for official announcements from the auto maker before we can make any pronouncements. We do hope, though that the vehicle will be driven by an Ecoboost 4- or 6-cylinder power plant.

Unfortunately, the tiny photograph we’re received from Ford doesn’t reveal much about the SUV’s styling details, either. If it does have a smudge of 2008’s Ford Explorer America in it, Ford fans would be very happy. A lot of Ford customers are also petitioning for the comeback of those snazzy sliding doors.

Source: CarScoop

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