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OMG Where Is Everyone Going?

The roads are busier today than they have ever been, no longer is it just the major cities suffering with heavy traffic but now too, you notice far more drivers in more rural areas.  Owning a car is something more families can do, we are also living longer which means we are working until our mid sixties and sometimes driving right through to our eighties.  

Avoiding tailbacks is just not possible.  Yes you can find alternative routes and wind your way through different blocks.  On the open road you can get your foot down and overtake until you wind up at the head of the delay.  However in most cases you are going to have to accept your destiny and be late.  Tough fact, we know.  

Since driving began there have been distracted drivers on the road.  Perhaps they are racing their way to the hospital or they have just had a row with their partner.  New technology has meant we are able to take calls and make texts as we carve our way into work.  Although illegal in most countries, drivers still use hands free devices to communicate and according to several auto accident attorney offices, distracted driving is now the main cause of collisions on our roads.  Focus on the task in hand.  If you need to make a call, stop.  If you find yourself thinking about problems, pullover.  Nothing in life will end if you take your time, even if you are late for a meeting.  It isn’t worth risking your life, or the lives of others over.  

Preparing for tailbacks is really important.  Even if you seem to be preparing for nothing.  Some incidents mean road closures run on for hours.  Make sure you have plenty of water in your car, no matter how short your journey.  Just keep a few bottles in the boot or under your passenger seat.  Sugary sweet can help keep your blood sugar levels steady if you end up stranded in your car for hours.  Even keeping a packet of beef jerky tucked in your glove box, might just seem like your saviour in really long delays.  

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Check your car regularly for any mechanical issues.  Ensure your tires are safe and at the correct pressure and check you have a spare or, at the very least, some tire weld in the boot.   Imagine if you were the person causing the tailbacks!? Don’t be that person if you can help it.  

Sometimes bad traffic is just a symptom of a large holiday or event.  It’s no secret that Thanksgiving sees thousands of cars pouring out of the city to get away.  So take note of those dates and try to either avoid travelling or acknowledge you aren’t going to get anywhere fast.  Use the time to catch up on a good audiobook or go through your ultimate driving songs.  Don’t allow yourself to become frustrated because there is nothing that will change the next few hours of misery.  You don’t need to know where everyone is going, just accept they are all going the same place as you, home.

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