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A picture of a car driving down a scenic road with a Veritas Global Protection plan.

Veritas Global Protection Plans Bring Drivers Peace Of Mind

Getting a brand new car is exciting. There’s the ability to go anywhere and enjoy all the new bells and whistles that encourage people to make purchases in the first place. 

Most people know that a few steps go into buying a brand new car that isn’t so exciting, such as paying high gas prices and getting insurance.

The assumption is that standard insurance will cover everything, but that’s not always the case. A vehicle protection plan might be the way to go for extra peace of mind and stress-free driving overall. 

Affordable options can make driving that much easier for the average person.

What Is a Vehicle Protection Plan? 

A vehicle protection plan is an additional coverage that anyone can purchase to cover repairs and maintenance services. Most cars come with a warranty that offers some of the same coverage as a vehicle protection plan, but this is a more in-depth solution.

On top of getting a vehicle protection plan with a new car, it can act as a way to protect after a warranty runs out. 

There are different plans, with companies like Veritas Global Protection offering solutions that work.

What To Expect From A Vehicle Protection Plan

There are different plans depending on how much a person wants to spend, but most will get pretty standard coverage as far as vehicle repairs are concerned. 

Thousands of components could need to be repaired on any car, and even some of the luxury options on a car are covered with a standard vehicle protection plan.

Getting a rental during a repair is also a costly move entirely covered by most vehicle protection plans. 

Veritas Global Protection has always been adamant about offering this to their customers, as being without wheels for even one day can cause a big headache. 

The thought from some people is that insurance is going to cover most of the same things as a vehicle protection plan. Insurance is more for accidents, while vehicle protection plans can cover components and other repairs that most car owners will go through even if they do nothing wrong. 

Coverage for both ensures that every significant expense is taken care of. There are many other reasons to have a vehicle protection plan, which are listed below. 

Reasons To Invest In A Vehicle Protection Plan

A picture of a driver peacefully driving their car down the road
A picture of a driver peacefully driving their car down the road because of their Veritas Global Protection plan.

Repair Shop Options

Restrictions with a vehicle protection plan can be challenging for most drivers. The last thing anyone wants to do is be forced to have limited solutions that they might not want to work with in the first place.

Veritas has always worked to expand its network of repair shops so that people get the fixes they need. 

Having much more freedom allows people to stick with those who already have a working relationship with a nearby auto shop. Having close-by options also makes it much easier to get in and out so that the vehicle is back in working order.

New And Used Car Options

Theoretically, nothing should ever go wrong with a brand new car. That’s not the case, though, as most people learn the hard way that issues can start to pop up immediately.

Warranties with a brand new vehicle cover some of the repairs, but vehicle protection plans can help fill in the gaps. 

That’s why it’s usually recommended to have additional peace of mind and go with a vehicle protection plan immediately. They usually don’t need to be as comprehensive on a brand new car, so the cost is less.

For used cars, a vehicle protection plan becomes that much more valuable. This is when issues can start to pop up almost any week. 

There’s usually no rhyme or reason, and it could be devastating for people living without much financial freedom. Even one out-of-pocket repair can be over $1,000, making it very difficult to get fixed on time.

Vehicle protection plans eliminate the risk of spending a lot of money a month. Making fairly standard payments on a month-to-month basis is a lot easier to budget.

Plans For Any Situation

There are a lot of different situations out there for drivers, and Veritas is one of many vehicle protection plan companies that offer different solutions. This can be anything from gap insurance to tire and wheel protection.

This coverage will only eliminate more risk for the average driver. There are so many other issues on a day-to-day basis, and some people just don’t want to deal with having a car issue that lingers for too long. 

Being left without a vehicle can throw off so many different things, whether it’s work, school, or any other important part of the day.

Thinking About A Vehicle Protection Plan? Reach Out To Veritas

Customer service is a huge selling point for Veritas Global Protection. They know that people are bound to have questions when getting their first-ever vehicle protection plan. Instead of being in the dark, they want to lay everything out for potential customers.

There are ways to chat with a professional who can advise during regular business hours. There’s also a wealth of information on the website about vehicle protection plans that show exactly what they do and do not cover. Factual information from the get-go makes all the difference in the world.

Visit their website to learn more about Veritas Global Protection and everything they offer, visit their website. In just a few minutes, drivers can be set up and ready to go with brand new coverage.

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